Sunday, March 3, 2013

You can purchase a copy of "En Mis Venas Como Veneno" for $5 plus $2 for shipping here:
"En Mis Venas Como Veneno" ended 2012 for me. It was a way to bridge and expand my approach to writing in Sangre y Tierra which has always been a chaotic whirlwind. I've always let the songs unfold kind of naturally. In its final year of existence, the bands writing will slowly resemble the mindset I used in Frontier. There will be more thought put into the compositions rather than a furious venting of emotion. I put my tapes out through UNSEEN FORCE and I am a part of Grindcore Karaoke. I've always opted to give my music out for free, but recently I was realizing that it does put a strain on meager pockets. In order to put out more music and record the full length I will release this year I will have to use the money from these tapes to fund it.

This specific release is dedicated to those who have a friend or a family member with mental illness. Having grown up around it for half my life and taking care of two people who suffer from it, I feel a strong connection to it. Sangre Y Tierra has proven to be therapeutic and traumatic all at the same time. Exhuming all of the awful experiences I've had in life and connecting them to Taino mythology and spirituality has been the closest I've come to letting these things go. I've never personally referred to this band as "black metal." I've simply referred to it as "depressive metal." To me, black metal requires corpse paint. The evils I've experienced have always come in tangible forms. Food insecurity. Hunger. Witnessing abuse. Growing up poor, in the impoverished part of an industrial city. As I grow older, race becomes less of my focus in music. I'd rather focus on the rich and the poor. Humans are an invasive species.....

In this final year, I hope to finish "Beyond Her, There Are Glorious Swells." An album dedicated to the only person I've allowed myself to be vulnerable with. It will be my final release. I'll be releasing something every month until then. It will be December's release, possibly earlier. Look out for a split with In Human Form and Auspicium. And another with Purity of Essence. Thank you all for your support.

As Sangre Y Tierra dissipates, a replacement will emerge. It will go unnamed and releases will be shared among friends.

Thanks again.

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