Thursday, August 29, 2013

No offense to the Post Rock crowd, but....

I don't write "post-rock." I keep getting that reference in interviews and what have you, but it's not something I do. While I appreciate some bands of that particular genre, I can't label what I do in accordance. I'm hesitant to use the "black metal" label but I realize that it comes with the territory because of my own connection and admiration for the ferocity of the genre. I would simply call it "depressive metal;" a close friend of mine recently reminded me that it is the natural disposition I gravitate to. Most of the music, movies and books I read are of the depressive persuasion. Essentially, it is to say that while I admire what black metal musicians do, that I myself can't claim to be part of their movement. Their movement is something much bigger than my attempt to connect with my indigenous heritage through depressing metal. While I respect it, Sangre Y Tierra is not a part of its canon. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed and recommended my craft. Buy a tape and support!!!! For the first time in my life, furthering my craft partially depends on having communal support. Can't afford to take time to do it anymore. Jobs are overrated, but you have to pay the Luckily I thoroughly enjoy mine. Hope you are all well. Keep it depressing.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you all for this first touring experience. Few more EP's. First and final full length coming up. Lots of work to do. Keep making extreme music. Keep furthering the craft of metal and pushing it in new places. Rather than review my music or get praise for it I'd rather it inspire some 15 year old like black metal, death metal and grind did to me 12 years ago. Thank you Lancaster, Philly, Brooklyn, New Jersey. Your punk houses were gnarly, your food was amazing and your women were gorgeous.