Saturday, April 26, 2014


The following is a partial discography of the work I've done within the past 5 years. As a thank you to all of you have been supportive I figured I should aggregate my releases and present them as one unit that is easy to time travel within. The first release "Cuando Los Blancos Vienen" marked the first time I recorded and released Sangre Y Tierra. Sangre Y Tierra has actually been a functioning and active project since 2001. In 2001 I returned from Foster Care to a home that couldn't care less for me, forcing me to sleep in the streets or with friends. The only solace I had was in a 4 track, a 5 string Samick bass and borrowed guitars from friends. Drums were recorded by hand from a Casio keyboard. The little time I spent at the home I "lived" at was spent recording on to a 4 track and then mastering the tracks myself through Sonar at a friend's house. I hope you all enjoy the journey below. Each record will come with a short description. I am hoping to eventually put out a discography of some sort. If you have any interest feel free to contact me. The only release not pictured below for immediate listen was the Disguster split. I think we both prefer that release to remain exclusively on cassette tape so you can't just click through the whole thing. One show seriously bummed me out last night and made me want to just stop playing live all together. But I'm not going to let a couple entitled college kids stop something I've put so much work into. Within the last 5 years alone the work released by this project has been dizzying. And thanks to Unseen Force and Grindcore Karoake I have been able to share it with all of you. This release was inspired by what must have been an initial period of chaos incited by the colonists arriving in Puerto Rico. Very cold, digital recordings with little done to them. This marked my first split with a friend who I've since badgered to release more music. Adrift has since morphed into Perish Bells which you can find here: an underrated musician to say the least. The song titles were mistakenly translated but the idea still comes through 100%. This release was focused upon natural evils that exist within the world. Begging the question as to whether or not that should be considered evil, or simply the way of the world. Had a conversation with Josh Landes about this (too much True Detective in too small a window of time). This release was very special to me specifically because I could not pinpoint what I felt after releasing it. This release can actually be considered an unofficial precursor to my final record (first full length) "Ademas de Ella" coming out later this year. The songs were inspired by the naive nature of young relationships, my faults as a man and as a companion to an old friend. Thematically, that companion is presented as the light within the story in which the protagonist sees glimmering from the dark ocean alone, where he floats eternally waiting for that light. A split between friends and some international punx. Both tracks are inspired by lucid dreams. This piece was the first featured in GK and was inspired by leaving an auditory message of some sort. I want it to be known that if I regress as a man, that my heart has been devoted to doing good things and leaving positive echoes within this disgusting planet. This release was completely inspired by the mental illness that permeates through my family. When I found out about family members who suffered from it, it dimmed my spirit. Set my mind that I don't want children and that I need to reevaluate my future as it would be muddled with supporting these fragile people. Much like the genetic vulnerability, the idea in and of itself became poisonous in nature. This EP was devoted to torturing those who prey upon others in any capacity whatsoever. Dedicated to my grandfather who passed in January of 2013. The first father figure I ever had who instilled a love of my culture deep within my being. My love for machetes, nature, food and doing good while on this earth without religious motives. This release marked the grief I had in coming to terms with his death. There may or may not be a second part to this release....who knows.... A straightforward split with one of the best people on the planet. A man passionate about good food, standing up for whats right and noise. Doesn't get any better than that. Support Bahn Mi Saigon Support Wish for Skin and Strieber Support the best black metal related thing on the internet A release with zero boundaries. Literally doing exactly what felt right at that moment. The biggest bummer ever. Which will be followed by something great. Stay tuned.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tour is thankfully over. Multiple bumps in the road and a crappy new person or two and I'm finally back home. Vassar College was the worst show I've ever been a part of. Won't get into it but let's just say that there are a few people way out of touch who's connection to music is probably firmly based in posturing and cultural collateral. This experience has finally motivated me to hang up the one man ambient/drone version of Sangre Y Tierra. I'm reverting back to the beginning of this project's live history. Here are the last two one-man performances: May 1st, 8pm, $5 BUCK GOOTER Anthro Rex and the Buzzin Dozen Sangre Y Tierra Gods Wisdom The Grudges Field of Spears/Sangre Y Tierra/More TBA Date is TBA. Check back for more info. Will put up a paypal for the last few tapes. Thanks for the unwavering support of this project goes out to: Nicholas Holtz, Josh Landes, Diagram A, Chris Dooley, Holyoke

Friday, April 4, 2014


Leaving the suddenly hip boundaries of Holyoke to ruin some days. Tapes ($5) and Cd's $(2) for sale. Project will be wrapping up pretty soon. Keep an ear to the ground for more music. Will be using computers/electronics a lot less.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Patrick Hasson

Take a minute to listen to this stuff. Dude has done so much for sharing quality black metal. Recommended for when the spirits are low but the liquid spirit high. Patrick Hasson/Auspicium/Field of Spears/and more. Listen to it all.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So hard to find their stuff, but this band is amazing. Hardcore from Barcelona. Atentado.
I haven't talked about this too much but it might be good to just vent to the people who have invested time into watching this project grow. My ideas about music, art, people, social networks, outlooks....all of this stuff has been changing dramatically for me within the last few years. Pessimistic and optimistic perspectives have never really impressed me. Both extremes tend to resolve in laughable places. One entrenched in dramatic gloom, the other in a pseudo-fluffy frolicking through the meadows mentality.

From this point on, I'm firmly planting myself in realism. Realistic perspectives, for real situations with real responses. 2014 is my last year playing metal in any capacity. And my last to play hardcore may follow shortly thereafter. Outside of touring, I will not be playing in Massachusetts again. There's something about looking out to a crowd of snobby, affluent people who have never struggled a day in their life that makes playing a show almost funny. Growing up in the hood, I've seen all kinds of abuse. I've seen people lose their lives. I want to make sure my mark on this planet does something to prevent those things and not glorify them.

This year involves letting go of some toxic family connections. I hate the feeling of abandoning people, but sometimes you the weaker members of a pack are left behind. Natural progression. Sometimes I wonder if there is a point to trying to help people and better this miserable earth. What worries me is that if there isn't rhyme or reason I may not want to be on this plane of existence.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

May Your Slumber be Deep and Restful

A massive inspiration to my classical guitar playing. The world lost a powerful guitarist today. Rest in Peace Francisco. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Ademas de Ella" will be out later this fall. Writing has begun. As you can tell by the whirlwind that is my living room. I'll be conjuring up some heathens who will be helping me as live musicians. I thank you all for the unwavering support you've given me throughout the past decade of making this music. I can not think of a finer way of ending my presence in metal music. This genre has gotten me through some of the worst parts of my life and although I battle depression, there's nothing like having blast beats and 200+bpm tremolo's to keep the lows at bay.

Stay tuned. Keep your ear to the ground for upcoming shows. Will be doing a set of guerilla-esque performances at random.