Friday, April 25, 2014

Tour is thankfully over. Multiple bumps in the road and a crappy new person or two and I'm finally back home. Vassar College was the worst show I've ever been a part of. Won't get into it but let's just say that there are a few people way out of touch who's connection to music is probably firmly based in posturing and cultural collateral. This experience has finally motivated me to hang up the one man ambient/drone version of Sangre Y Tierra. I'm reverting back to the beginning of this project's live history. Here are the last two one-man performances: May 1st, 8pm, $5 BUCK GOOTER Anthro Rex and the Buzzin Dozen Sangre Y Tierra Gods Wisdom The Grudges Field of Spears/Sangre Y Tierra/More TBA Date is TBA. Check back for more info. Will put up a paypal for the last few tapes. Thanks for the unwavering support of this project goes out to: Nicholas Holtz, Josh Landes, Diagram A, Chris Dooley, Holyoke

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